Gallura, territory and surroundings
Marina di Santa Teresa Gallura

The municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura is located in Sardinia, in the district of Olbia-Tempio, situated at the top end of the Sardinian northern coast, in Gallura. It overlooks the strait of the Bocche di Bonifacio (Strait of Bonifacio), where daily ferries connect Sardinia to Corsica, from which Santa Teresa is about nine miles away.
It currently has 5218 inhabitants. You can easily reach Santa Teresa from Olbia's both Port and Airport, from Porto Torres Port and also from Alghero Airport. To those entering Santa Teresa Gallura by land at first sight the town may seem one of those few Sardinian towns situated on a plain. Actually it is located on a rocky hill at 44 metres above sea level, along the way of a particularly jagged stretch of coast.
At 3 km from the Centre is the Capo Testa peninsula, one of Sardinia's most fascinating sites, officially recognized SIC ("Sito di Interesse Comunitario"- Site of Community Interest) area, with its wonderful rocky sceneries of granite and limestone. On the western part is the Lighthouse, active since 1845. Endemic spieces of the Mediterranean Scrub still survive here, and in Cala Grande, with its suggestive, unique and primordial nature, still survives the "Bedriaga lizard", an little reptile of archaic progeny. In the sorroundings of Santa Teresa are other landscape resorts and beaches such as Santa Reparata, La Marmorata, Porto Quadro, Valle dell'Erica and Conca Verde. Santa Teresa has two main municipality divisions: Porto Pozzo and San Pasquale. Not too far from the Centre and immersed among overshadowing old-age olive trees is the Buoncammino Church, dedicated to the Holy Mother. It is not only a place of worship but also the setting for important and joyful country festivals.
Address: Ufficio Turistico - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele I, 07028 Santa Teresa Gallura (OT) 
Tel: +39 0789 754127 
Website: Comune Santa Teresa Gallura