Sardinia's Ports Network


A consortium of senior services for boating and tourism in the Mediterranean
With almost 2000 kilometers of coastline, fine beaches and cliffs, Sardinia remains one of the most beautiful scenery in the world for those who want a nautical tourism. Also thanks to the presence of several smaller islands, parks, marine reserves and protected areas, this land has no equal in the tourist offer of the Mediterranean.
Today Sardinia has 16,848 berths (detection of network ports) until a short time ago a character inconsistent, especially with regard to the quantity and quality of services offered.
In this context of fragmentation of the maturity of the need to establish an association between the managers of the tourist port facilities, which took the form of a consortium and naming of Rete dei Porti della Sardegna (Sardinia's Ports Network). Founded in 2001, today the Consortium Rete dei Porti combines 19 of the main ports along the coasts of Sardinia and aims to involve all the marinas by raising the standard of services, limiting internal competition by establishing common management platforms and trying to conquer new market of nautic.
Moreover, about these ports, is been presented the EU project "Odyssea", which aims to transform the marinas from simple parking of boat to access points to the area. If you arrive on the island, for example, you can dive right into the local culture while enjoying the Gallura soup or campidanese malloreddus and discovering the true specificity, sometimes hidden, of Sardinia.