Marina di Arbatax

Port's contacts

The port of Arbatax is managed by Soc. TURISMAR S.r.l.
Representative: Dir. Ammendola Franco
Tel: 0782 667045
Fax: 0782664359

Other addresses:

other addresses:
Porto of authority and coastguard:
via lungomare,1 ARBATAX
Tel. e Fax 0782667093,
Petrol station Arbatax-Aversano Tel.: .330274562
Tourism departement
Via Cedrino,24
08048 TORTOLI’
TEL. 0782660000
Touristic emergency medical service of Tortolì
c/o Palestra Scuole medie
via Sulcis 08048 Tortolì (OG)
tel. 0782 623532 - 624850 - 622252


VHF Channel: Ch 09
Maximum dive: 4.00 mt
Maximum lenght: 50.0 mt
Seabed depth: da 4.0 mt a 9.00 mt
Seabed type: muddy
Opening: continuo 24h
Side wind: Mistral and Gregale
Access: Mistral
Lighthouses and Navigation lights: Port's entry. Red/green quays.
Poin boat number: 500 total 200 for transit