Odissea, the door to the Mediterranean

Odyssea http://www.odyssea.eu/, officially launched at the nautical boat show in Paris, is the gateway for a grat trip through the banks of France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Greece.

You can sail through the most beautiful stages of the Mediterranean sea, fascinating landscapes and all the sea activities.  
You can plan your way with your personal ship's log where you can write the whole trip.  
It is another way to live an extraordinary journey with so many ways re-establishing all the links between culture and the sea life in mediterranean harbors.  
Using the virtual tours with over 3000 addresses for your excursions, 600 tips for cruises, events, nature and flavours you'll be in a spolit for choice.
Downloading the guide all the decription about landscapes, history and cultural hertage can be listend.
If Sardinia is your choice these are the destinations selected for you:
Castelsardo: a Neolithic history
The most important archeological evidences are the "domus de janas", literally fairies houses, funeral bulidings dug in the rocks.
Santa Teresa di Gallura: The smugglers' village

Santa Teresa was built the 12 August 1808 after the king Vittorio Emanuele I's order under the commender Francesco Maria Magnon's persistent request. It Was originally populated bysmuggler, Corsican fugitives and just a few aboriginal families. This seashore was the theatre of many battles between military troops and revolutionary groups, as the longonsardo Spanish tower reminds us.
Carloforte: an island in the island
Carloforte is placed in the eastern coast little San Pietro's island. It is the perfect shelter from Mistral wind.
Alghero: the fortress City
Walking through the cobblestone's ways, between the walls of ancient buildings, Alghero's history and identity can be discovered.
Catalonia. From the architecture to the language, it is impossible to ignore the strong sense of belonging to the motherland.