Placed in the port of Fertilia, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. It is a very important port thanks to its strategic position and to its priximity to interantional ports and airports. Only 5 minutes far from Alghero - Riviera del Corallo international port and airport, 30 minutes from Porto Torres harbour and 100 km from Olbia - Costa Smeralda international port and airport.


The city of Fertilia

Based on the model of Ebebezer Howard's garden city, Fertilia is probably th only city born during the Fascism which preserved all the features of the architecture rationalist of the twenty-year Fascist period. The city is immersed in a luxuriant vegetation according to its auspicious name. It is placed in front of the city of Alghero, the village was officially born the 8 march 1936 from the utopic idea of Sir Mano Ascione of the creation af a community from the drainage of the marshy La nurra plain.