Porto di Portoscuso

The small Portoscuso's port, placed next to the centre of the village is well served with beaches , hotels, restaurants and clubs.
Nearby it is possible to go on many different trips like S.Antioco and S. Pietro islands to the south with beautiful coves and three tourist ports, to the west, sailing along the huge Fontanamare beach and the two natural monuments, Pan Di Zucchero and Canal Grande, it is possible to reach the small port in Buggerru. The hystorical centre, the spanish tower and the old "tonnara Su Pranu" (little port with ancient and fascinating buildings, where the fished tuna fish was worked out for the commercialization.) can be easily reached by foot. Taking a walk along a pretty way you'll get to Ghinghetta beach and Porto Paglietto.

PANORAMA Portoscuso - fireworks