Castelsardo is one of the main medieval towns in Sardinia. It is one of the seven royal cities of the Island, with its precious historical centre, particularly interesting for its defensive architecture  kept undamaged over the centuries   and for the expressive architectural pieces and  works of art. 
Its territory is skirted by white-sand beaches and massive rocks, set in a nature whose wonderful colours are painted by the brush of seasons.  The ones who get there by sea can see the medieval town, rising steeply up the northern side of the cliff, with its narrow paths and the stairs leading to the hilltop, up to the castle which hosts the Mediterranean Weaving Museum. Summer and Christmas times are characterized by cultural festivals and important entertainment events.
In Castelsardo, some of the most significant finds from the Nuragic Era are still evident: the Elephant Rock (Domus de Janas, which is House of the Witches), the Peddagghiu Nuraghe, the megalithic walls of the Ossiri Mount. 

PANORAMA harbor and castle Castelsardo - rock of Pedraldda Castelsardo - Doria's castle Castelsardo - above the castle's gardens