Porto Turistico Marina di Stintino

Port's contacts

Manager: Nicola Schiaffino
tel. 079523180
cell. 3347404583
email: marinadistintino@gmail.com
web site: www.consorziomarinadistintino.it

Other addresses:

Police station, Loc. Le vele, tel. 079 523810
Beach delegation , Via Torre Falcone, tel. 079 523381
emergency medical service, Loc. Punta su Turrione, tel. 346 7980991
Comune di Stintino, Via Torre Falcone, tel. 079 523053


VHF Channel: 9
Maximum dive: 12.00 mt
Maximum lenght: 50.0 mt
Seabed depth: 2.5 mt
Seabed type: seaweed and mud
Opening: continuo 24h
Side wind: Libeccio and scirocco
Access: warning: shoal between the beacon and the village
Lighthouses and Navigation lights: 1432 (E 1134) -red flashing beacon, period 4 sec., range 4 M. on the shoal 400 m. a ESE from the bell tower; 1433 (E 1134.4) - green flashing navigation light, period 4 sec., range 8 M., on the top of the quay
Poin boat number: 320: 45 for the transit
Marina di Stintino
Marina di Stintino
Marina di Stintino
Marina di Stintino - panorama costa