The shallows of Castelsardo

The blue sea that washes Castelsardo is rich in places of special interest to scuba divers: among the most popular is certainly the famous shallows of Castelsardo.
Also known as the Summa shallows, they are located about 6 miles north of Castelsardo, where the bottom rises from minus 70 to go forming a large rocky hill, whose hat comes only 8 meters deep. The east side of the shallows is by far the steepest, with a wall that goes precipitously from minus 15 meters to arrive at around minus 45.
On the wall there are two small caves (one at the depth of 30 meters and the other at 38 meters). One of these, with the white sand-coated bottom, has the vault perfectly smooth and covered with yellow cluster anemones. Being in the open sea it is common to spot large schools of greater amberjacks, dentexes, tunas and, although very rarely, some small sharks. The meeting with lobsters is easy to get at around 30/40 meters of depth, while in the very dark cervices you can find large-sized spider crabs or lobsters. The eastern side is also more suitable for photos or videos, thanks to the remarkable transparency of the water that promotes the brightness even at great depths.
Given the exposure to winds and the distance from the coast, diving is certainly challenging: it is advisable to organize it for better security supported by experienced divers.
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