The moon valley
Porto Turistico “Marina Isola Rossa”

Moon valley, placed 7 km away from Aggius (35km away from Castelsardo), is a bare and rocky place, an upland with huge granitic rocks. The changing sunlight with the strange shaped rocks and the deep silence give to this place a lunar appearance. A big rock rises non very far from the street called, for its peculiar shape,  Plato's head or Capuchin friar's. This upland, thanks to its characteristic landscape, has been chosen as the perfect location for western movies.
How to reach: From Castelsardo follow the SS134 for 4,3 km; turn left onto SP90bis and follow for 1,9 km; turn left again and take the SP13m for7 km; take the turnoff for Viddalba SP33 and drive for 5km parring S.Maria Coghinas and Viddalba; take the SP58 for 9 km and then turn right SP74 for 9 km.